"I first asked Paul to provide a few sample lines in the narration style of Anthony Hopkins. Within the first seconds of his audition, I knew we had found exactly what we were looking for- Crazy Tooth Studio immediately hired Paul for the job. 

Mr. Ross, has been one of the easiest talents to work with. Paul consistently gets the first take right on the nose, and makes implementation a breeze.

We have since recorded various projects, and it has been a pleasure hiring Paul. Fantastic voice over and narration coupled with an actor’s instinct and high quality audio content makes Paul Ross a sought after talent commodity. Please do not hesitate to hire Paul for your next voice over project."

Joey Berger - Crazy Tooth Studios

American Gaming systems Game Voiceover
Grimms Fairy Tales
Lor Coffee ad
Lor Coffee Ad
Game of Arrows
Distant Worlds 2
Jacks back- Movie Trailer
murphys Stout - Radio Ad
Radio Ad

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