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The Secret of Success

What constitutes success in the 21st century?

Is it a measure of the things you have achieved in your respective field, the amount of money you have managed to amass, or simply how kind you are to your fellow-man?

I guess we can scratch that last one-off the list straight away, it’s not an activity that would make the headlines in this day and age.

No success seems to be in the eye of the beholder, and the more people you get to behold you the better.

Which brings me to the question; if success is measured by how other people see you, then do you actually have to do anything, other than having the appearance of having done stuff, to be pronounced a success?

I know from experience of being at the bottom end of the field marketing business that the thing that matters is how you present yourself to the market, and of course your ability to spin the results of a Lukewarm campaign to miraculously become the greatest show on earth.

It’s all in the telling of the story.

You only have to look at the current batch of celebrities to understand the concept. They are for all intents and purposes successful.

They have public approval, they have managed to create a revenue stream just by being popular and they have the appearance of doing loads of interesting stuff.

Surely this is the very definition of success. I wouldn’t argue, looks pretty good from the outside, and yet there is the rub. It doesn’t necessarily follow that the appearance reflects reality.

Many of those aforementioned celebs don’t consider themselves successful in the least, and why? Because they are doing what everyone else is doing; measuring their success by that of people who are vastly more successful than themselves.

I think the measure of success is different for each person who walks the planet, but for myself, I feel it’s whatever you have done to make yourself feel worthwhile.

It could be a feeling of job well done, it could be the pride in a talent or creation, It could be pretty much anything, the point is that the only success worth having is the personal perception of your own success, the guide stick by which you live, the things that make you happy.

If you can believe your own personal hype you will find success in everything you do.

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